Rupesh RanjanTo become a Phillips Brand Ambassador, a member of our community must meet an exceptionally high standard marked by dedication to the Phillips mission to be the best resource in manufacturing technology – a virtuoso engaging in dialogue to create the better idea. This mission is facilitated in a myriad of ways by the determination and commitment of our partners. Brand ambassadors – the shining stars of the Phillips Community – perform exceptional acts of customer value, build unique and trusted relationships, dedicate themselves to continual learning, engage their fellow employees to provide the best strategies and solutions, and turn possibilities into realities. Rupesh Ranjan, Director of Sales for Phillips India, embodies these characteristics. Haresh Shah, Product Manager for Phillips India and one of Rupesh’s close work colleagues, describes Rupesh as “always in the learning mode. He has implemented new improvements and energetically finds the way for an obstacle and is hungry to accept challenges.  He enjoys his job.  He is an expert at understanding customer requirements and capitalizing on the opportunities.  He develops intimate business relationships with our customers.  He is a leader and great follower.”  Rupesh is always working to improve our Phillips community. David Harris, Phillips Head of Service, describes Rupesh’s hard-work and knack for remembering the details. “He  has shown time and time again that he both has the maturity and the willingness to work hard to oversee his area and pitch in to help in other areas where required… I am always amazed that he can always tell you right off the top of his head, what is going on with the customers who fall under his auspices.” Rupesh is dedicated to both our external and internal customers, working through difficult problems until they’re completely resolved and putting everyone involved at ease.  Haresh Shah shares a personal RupeshRanjanBAFeatureanecdote about Rupesh’s unwavering commitment. “I would like to share a story of dedication and hard work.  One customer, G.N. Rajkot, was hosting an Inauguration Ceremony. Due to no availability of power and no cutting tools, he was not in a position to conduct a component trial and was thinking of postponing the inauguration ceremony.  However, Rupesh came forward and ensured the customer that we would complete the component trial in time to ensure that the inauguration ceremony was successful.  He worked continuously for 36 hours without any rest and proved the component with specified accuracy and finish.  The customer was so happy with the trials and this resulted in a big order with that customer.” With partners, he practices regular and effective communication and while offering his support and counsel. Haresh Shah explains, “Rupesh speaks with sales and service teams on a regular basis and boosts their morale thereby ensuring them that he is always there to support them. He is always ready to listen and come out with solutions. He always thinks positive and tries to recommend a high productivity option and to do something different than the competition.” Phillips Head of Service, David Harris, describes a time that Rupesh saved the day during a particularly RupeshRanjanBAFeature2complicated applications crisis an employee was facing at one of our customers. “Rupesh helped this partner work through the problem and rebuilt his self-esteem at the same time. Breaking down this roadblock kept a great employee and got the customer issue resolved at the same time.” Rupesh is from Madhubani, a small town in Bihar, India. Madhubani is known for its eye-catching and ornate painting style full of geometric patterns. Madhubani painting is done with fingers, twigs, and brushes using natural dyes and pigments. According to Customer Support Manager Satyawan Rawat, when he’s not going above and beyond for Phillips Corporation, Rupesh enjoys playing cricket, trying to new foods, and spending quality time with his family.