Ron’s statement: ‘Get-r-done’ is more than a proper short description of Ron’s work ethic and drive.  I remember one of Ron’s visits to Haeger Europe to support installations in the field in combination with doing a demo-truck tour in Spain. His drive from the Netherlands to Spain through severe weather without navigation system or phone (+/- 15 years ago) turned out to be quite a challenge and experience at that time. You would not hear Ron complain or requesting support – he will ‘’get-r-done’’ – with very good distributor and customer feedback from the service visits and demos the week following.  A true Brand Ambassador for what the Phillips and Haeger brands stand for! – Wouter Kleizen – Haeger President Ron has grown from a service technician to an in-house application developer, special system support engineer and now our North American Sales and Service Manager for Haeger.  In this process of constantly improving and changing roles, Ron has left behind his legendary improvements for Partners to use and is still involved in some way or another. -Joe Garcia – Haeger West Coast Sales & Service
Ron gathered by his fellow Haeger Partners!

Ron gathered by his fellow Haeger Partners!

It’s safe to say there isn’t anything about a Haeger machine that Ron Boggs doesn’t know about. He literally knows these machines inside and out! Ron started with us almost 15 years ago, repairing machines. This included trouble shooting with customers on the phone, flying out to do repairs for customers, machine installs and training for customers. An early roadblock that Ron hit the ground running with was a Haeger machine called the One Touch (OT). Rons’ vision was to take over this machine and audaciously improve it. He never looked back and took on the challenge of assembly product improvement.  He took every second of every day to build the skills he needed to know this machine inside and out.  From night classes in PLC control to electrical classes, taking in every bit of information he could find, to prove he could take on this challenge. Ron turned the OT into an impeccable machine! Leaving no guesses on what the outcome would be, once removed from the crate but it would not be like Ron Boggs to stop there. He took the OT machine one step further by making its robotic arm move.  Joe Garcia reflects on that particular day “I remember the day he first showed me a quick demo (of the robotic arm), it was a very quiet evening at Haeger and everyone had gone home for the weekend. Ron called me and told me, “GOT IT!!” I walked in and saw the arm moving 1 inch. Ron looked at me like a kid on Christmas morning – If I only had a picture”. By applying his great deal of knowledge, Ron had overcome another roadblock and accomplished the unthinkable. He is now a virtuoso in robotic development and installation. Ron has always been customer focused and is constantly placing the customers’ needs and wants into reality with his special machine configurations. For instance we had a customer that was interested in purchasing another Haeger machine and really liked the 824 Window Touch – a multi-station machine – but this was completely out of their budget. Ron designed a comparable machine for this customer. He invented the 824 Plus-Multi-station, by compiling other parts and features from numerous machines. The customer loved the idea and purchased this machine immediately.  As a result of Ron’s innovation of our first ever 824 Plus-Multi-station, we continue to sell many more of these machines.
Ron is always hunting - whether is be for an improved process or leisure in his own time

Ron is always hunting – whether it be for an improved process or leisure in his own time

Ron is dedicated in finding ways to improve sales, service, equipment and reliability, not only for customers but also for our partners. Just to list a few things that Ron has created for Haeger:
  • Customer direct webpage that allows customers to look up part numbers, get quotes, place and track orders all at their personal leisure.
  • Partner direct webpage so that our service team can remotely gather information. This removes the wait time for a file and/or software for our machines.
  • Fasteners Order webpage
  • Online trouble shooting wizard for our customers.
  • Training classes for Haeger partners on electrical and mechanical trouble shooting.
  • Electronic Return Material Authorization (RMA) process on the Haeger Web Site.
These improvements have helped both partners and customers become more efficient and has streamlined many processes. Ron has done most of this on his own free time. You are probably thinking, with all of this being accomplished when does this man ever have free time?  When Ron isn’t engaged in being our Haegar Sales and Service Manager he enjoys spending time with his wife Kara and his children. You can catch the Boggs family spending time in the great outdoors camping, fishing, four-wheeling and even hunting. Anything that gives Ron a break into nature and mountains, brings him a tremendous amount of joy. Phillips having Ron as a partner brings us a tremendous amount of joy and it is our pleasure to feature Ron Boggs as this months featured Brand Ambassador!
Ron with his wife Kara

Ron with his wife Kara