Danny with wife  Leah and their two sons Max & Graham

Danny with wife Leah and their two sons Max & Graham

Continuous improvement is not even an option for our Brand Ambassador Danny Murdoch, it is a must! Before Danny even gets to work in the morning, calls are already piling in. The entire work day Danny rarely leaves his desk, he is bombarded with questions and service issues. Danny is the first point of contact for all of our Jeffreys customers who need technical support. I am not sure that anyone outside of our immediate inside service support even knows what this means. Danny must be all things to all of our Jeffreys customers and endure unlimited patience in his role. For example, one call could be an electrical problem, the next could be a mechanical problem on an entirely different kind of machine and the next call could be from someone who is not tech savvy but insists that we help them repair the machine over the phone. It takes someone with a vast amount of knowledge and patience to be able to be in this role. Not only be in the role but to be able to do it at this level of competency and extraordinary level of customer satisfaction. Danny’s ability to address the customer on their level of expertise and to help them fix their machines is outstanding. On each call, he has a way of making the customer feel comfortable and puts them at ease. While they work with Danny, they get a true sense that they are in great hands. This is not an easy task when troubleshooting a machine tool on the phone. Danny has organized his role in several ways, to improve his troubleshooting with the customer.  He has developed training documents, troubleshooting guides and flowcharts for himself and the customer to follow. Jeffreys uses these to send to our customers and with this accomplishment alone, the number of machines repaired that did not require service visits are countless. A main factor of Danny’s role is that he must always stay on top of the Haas product line and to live in the learning mode. Haas is constantly making changes to their products and if Danny did not continue to learn and increase his knowledge, it would not be possible for him to perform his role. But Danny’s ever-growing knowledge still contains his wealth of knowledge on the older machines too! He really has a vast knowledge on all of our machines and not only does he fix machines over the phone, Danny has gone out into the field (several times) to help get the service load down.

Farmer Danny helping out with Plinko at a community event

The drive to help people doesn’t stop when Danny walks out of work, him and his wife Leah are constantly participating in community events and are very active members of their church. Danny lives with his wife Leah and their two teenage boys, Max & Graham in High Point, North Carolina where they define the word “family”. They all come together and help tend to their family garden and even take care of their pet chickens. Danny has actually created a family website from scratch that he updates frequently to share all of his special family moments with the world. Another project that Danny is currently working on is building a binary clock, obviously electrical projects are a huge hobby to Danny…imagine that! Not only does Danny leave a lasting impression with customers, he leaves lasting impressions with anyone he meets! It is evident and our pleasure to have Danny Murdoch in our Phillips family of Brand Ambassadors.