Paul Young kiss trophy - May 2014 For those of you that may have never had the pleasure to meet Paul in person, I can ensure you that you have utilized his creations on a daily basis. Paul was the mastermind behind SharePoint’s creation, which is used by our Phillips Portal. He centralized all of the divisions’ information, which was scattered everywhere, into our organized portal that everyone can access at their fingertips. Our business plans used to be done manually in our past system, Lotus Notes. Paul was integral in getting these business plans setup as Word documents that are now uploaded to SharePoint and can be edited and easily printed out. All of the informative graphs on our portal, we have Paul to thank for making this information accessible and user-friendly. Even if you do not visit our Phillips portal every day, I am sure you use your email on a daily basis, correct? Soon after Paul came on board, he improved our email system by upgrading us to Microsoft Outlook. He established email groups to make sending an email to a particular group of people with just one click on your mouse. Since these groups can change on even a weekly basis, he established an active directory that he maintains, to keep all of our information current and accurate. Paul created this huge advancement for us all in the meantime of being our IT help desk virtuoso. Any new Partner that came onboard, Paul made sure they had their laptop personally setup for them on their first day. All of these accomplishments were completed while Paul still took his numerous help desk calls to assist Partners having any type of computer issue possible. When our AX accounting software was introduced to Phillips, Paul eagerly learned an IT language know as SQL. This language is not an easy one to conquer or even attempt to understand but Paul did so with great success. Soon after, he wrote SQL coding behind the scenes in AX for users to easily login and utilize reports that have never existed for us. His vast knowledge of SQL is what he uses in SharePoint also, to create all of the global reports we see on the dashboards. Learning a new language isn’t stopping at just SQL, Paul is currently working on learning how to speak Japanese. He is  attending college part-time to obtain a major in Physics and an elective he decided to opt into was learning Japanese as a secondary language. Paul is highly interested in Asian heritage and uses his spare time to learn as much as he can. As you can see, learning never stops for our Brand Ambassador Paul Young! 1 Paul’s’ Team Leader, Pat Mann, had the following to say about Paul: Paul Young BA award - May 2014“Paul has accomplished a lot in his short time here at Phillips.  He has been involved in most IT projects from the initial stages of moving from Lotus Notes email to Outlook to the more recent relocation of all of our Hanover data center servers offsite to a collocation facility.  He started with us as our primary partner help-desk person and is now our go to guy for Business Intelligence (BI) creation.  All of this while going to school part-time and maintaining a 4.0 GPA!  It’s safe to say that without Paul our progress in many IT areas would not have been where it is today.  I really appreciate all that he has contributed.” This speak volumes on the characteristics of a Brand Ambassador that Paul exemplifies. Paul is a true role model of a Phillips Brand Ambassador!