Chris Kadawathage Phillips CorporationSenior Financial Advisor Chris Kadawathage has executed great changes at Phillips that have increased efficiency in multiple processes, made financial reporting easier, and increased the strength and cohesion of both the senior team and accounting teams throughout the company. He has made great strides as a model of our culture, engaging his colleagues to increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and provide clearer financial reporting throughout the company. CEO of Phillips Corporation Alan Phillips says “Chris is diligent and has a great work ethic – willing to walk the extra mile to get the job done. He is always eager to learn how to improve his methods and systems resulting in continuous improvement.” Chris admirably stepped up to the plate when the company faced a financial challenge with our India Division in 2011. He spearheaded an initiative to improve inventory management, create consistent accounts receivable processes, and hire a solid accounting team all within a 3 week visit. While there, Chris developed trusted relationships with the accounting, service, and sales teams in order to continually improve credit control procedures amongst other projects. Operations Manager for Phillips Commercial Division Kim DeBruhl speaks highly of Chris’ ability to facilitate his colleagues, “Chris makes himself available to each of us, and thereby creates a team environment where we can all work together to achieve our goals… He is supportive and encourages each person he comes in contact with.Chris Kadawathage Phillips Corporation Allison Palmer adds, “Chris performs with an exceptional level of enthusiasm. He is passionate about his role and the responsibility he has to the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.” Over the years, Chris has worked consistently to develop better methods of financial forecasting and reporting. He has created sales forecast spreadsheets for each division that allow our accounting teams to quickly and easily enter financials so others can review the results. Kim explains out the “Cash Flash” worksheet is used, “Chris created a “Cash Flash” worksheet that can be generated within 3 to 4 days after month end closing at each profit center.  This can be generated and sent to Senior Management for a quick review, while each division completes their month end processes.” Alan Phillips agrees that these forecast reports are an invaluable resource stating, “Chris developed a model for projecting cash and profits which ties into actual results. The model, process, and the output has been quite valuable to me. I am sure there are few companies of our size that have such a sophisticated and effective model for forecasting and understanding what happened with our working capital. Needless to say, Chris has been a vital resource for Phillips Corporation. He has not only improved accounting processes and reporting but worked hard to build lasting, trusted, and productive relationships that benefit both the individual and the company. This assertion is summed up by Service Manager David Harris who writes, “I view Chris as not just a Brand Ambassador but a confidante and good friend.”