Some partners might describe Shirley Koenig as having the “most positive and supportive attitude.” A team player in the continuous learning mindset, Shirley is an admirable Phillips Brand Ambassador. She goes that extra mile. “She is always up beat and willing to lend a hand on any project and fulfill any sales support need the salesmen may have.  Shirley is always willing to lend a hand without question or challenge. Knowing this kind of support is there provides extreme confidence in your team and their ability to get things done for your customer. Shirley is also a great motivator and supportive team player. Following any conversation you have with her upbeat nature, you are usually back in a positive mindset and ready for the next challenge ahead.” Besides her positive attitude, Shirley’s quote time for compiling and delivering a quote to a customer on behalf of the sales team in the South is incredibly fast. Sales Engineer Steve Price boasts, “I do not know of any specific job measurements but if quote turn around time could be measured, I expect that Shirley gets 90% of the quotes to customers within one hour of when I get them to her.” And Sales Engineer Gordon Eargle agrees, “We’ve added both new product lines and salesmen which has dramatically increased the number of quotations Shirley must produce. She always manages to get out every quotations in the same day she receives the achieving 100% same day turn around on sales quotes.” She also innovates when presented with an unexpected challenge. During Shirley’s career, Haas unexpectedly disabled the “Build A Quote” feature that many were dependent on to create customer quotes for Haas machines. Shirley was undeterred and developed a new system for building customer quotes using formulas in Excel and the Haas price list.  Her innovation was imperative in allowing the sales team to continue to provide vital information to their customers. Further, Shirley goes beyond her role. According to Gordon Eargle, she views the company and the people she works with as part of her family. “Shirley and her husband, Don, assist us with all the Demo Days in the South Carolina area… Shirley makes each customer feel special and a part of the company. She gives her undivided attention to the individual she is working with at the time. She makes a point of finding the proper salesman for a customer when they attend an event. This gives the customer a good feeling, a sense of not being neglected.” He adds, “She is a true example of brand recognition.” Shirley’s optimistic attitude, attention to detail, and commitment carry over into all parts of her life. Her former Team Leader, Kim Debruhl, who has worked side-by-side with Shirley for many years, calls Shirley her “cheerleader.”  “She has a bubbly upbeat personality. She is always a lot of fun to be with. If you want to take a trip, she is the one you should take with you. She is extremely organized, plans things out, and will give you great sightseeing ideas. A few years ago, I talked Shirley into playing on my Church Women’s Softball team. Shirley turned out to be the best pitcher in the league. I had no idea she was going to be the ‘MVP’ player of the league. All of the other teams wanted Shirley to come back the following year and play on their team. She is not only a coworker but a dear friend.”