Steve’s amazing focus and creative thinking skills serve him well outside of work to fuel his wildlife photography hobby. Steve is an avid wildlife photographer experimenting with landscape photography of rivers, streams, and forests. Steve calls his photography project Mythic Explorer Wildlife Photography. His photographs are not the only way he expresses his creativity. His imagination runs wild with ideas for digital renderings like the one pictured below.  He likes to create worlds and landscapes that look so real with texture and depth, yet feel surreal at the same time. Every week you can stop by his desk and he features a new computer screensaver of his art work.  Steve also likes to write creative short stories in his spare time. His mindset to always strive for continuous improvement and innovation is evident in his creative ventures and through his work. To relax outside of work, Steve enjoys playing guitar. He is a lover of heavy metal and classic rock music. If that doesn’t quite work to unwind, he will enjoy some rounds of gaming with Call of Duty or Fallout. His nostalgic side shows with his collection of older game consoles including Sega, Nintendo, and Atari. Steve is very much a go-getter kind of person. If you bring him a problem he will gladly assist you. As David Harris describes,

“Steve Kydd, has shown his ability to remain calm in the face of loud adversity. His quiet guidance and cumulative knowledge has led the western territories to the success they have had. Specifically, Steve has supported and trained a very green work force of technicians to become virtuosos.”

Steve gives others the tools to raise themselves up to be their best selves. During the start of Steve’s career at Phillips, he showed amazing successes in his scheduling role. Mike Vaughan reflects, “He was responsible for all of the scheduling in the West, a task that has continued to increase in difficulty over the years.  In FY06, we logged and completed 1,472 service calls. In FY07, the total was 1,519, a 4% increase over 06. In FY08, the total was 1,928, a 27% increase over 07. This accounts for a 31% increase in 3 years.

To date that is an average of 7.5 calls per day that must be scheduled and coordinated. Steve did this everyday by himself with great thought and precision to get the most out of each day and each technician. Over those years, I have watched Steve develop into a great service coordinator. He is respected by the technicians he schedules and the customers will ask for him by name. He has great knowledge of the product we sell and welcomes every opportunity to share it.”

Steve has been there since the large expansion in the western territory. David remembers Steve’s pivotal role,

“Without Steve’s experience and support of these new technicians, Phillips would not have had the tremendous contribution to its bottom line we did because we simply would not have been able to meet the demand and orders would have been lost.”

The rapid growth that occurred in the western territory caused the Phillips team to have to spread their resources too thin. In 2008, the western territory sold a record number of machines. One bid alone was in excess of 80 machines sold to the Tennessee Technology Centers. Mike remembers,

“Steve was able to coordinate these start-ups and keep our existing customers machines up and running. This was a very difficult task and to pull it off. It required careful planning on his part and contributed greatly towards our goal of providing legendary customer service.”

Steve is known for providing some of the best customer service at Phillips. From offering to help customers solve their problems to giving customers the extra helping hand they needed by providing extra training time to a customer.

“He is constantly asked to make decisions that will affect the customer’s perception of the Phillip’s service department. Steve is a true brand ambassador for our company and he proves this each day with his interaction with our customers,”

said Mike. Pat Cusato remembers a story about a team stepping up to the plate in a time of crisis,

“We had a local college that needed 4 machines started up as soon as possible as they had school classes starting the next day. Not to mention they also had the governor stopping by to see the facility. Steve and I left the office at 5:30 pm and arrived at the school around 6:00 pm. We had started working on the machines right away. Bill Lewis also met up with us at 6:30 pm. We all worked on the start-ups until midnight. Steve gave 110% to get the job finished on time.”

Partners at Phillips would describe Steve to be professional, patient, attentive, and genuine. His dedication to learning continues as he takes classes that are offered by Haas. With assistance from Mike, Steve implemented a Start Up Training Kit to be used as a standard for all of the service technicians when they install and train customers. Brooks Barwick states,

“The greatest testimony to Steve is our appreciate for how well he works with the team, how he is respected by all of his peers, and respected by all of our customers who have had the good fortune to need his services.”

Currently, Steve is working towards a performance objective of training field technicians to complete the required paperwork up to par with the high standards. His desire for continuous improvement is contagious and Steve is a pivotal member of the Phillips family. He is a prime example of a Phillips Brand Ambassador. A few more pics from STK: