Vishal Kadam, Brand AmbassadorVishal Kadam is a true Brand Ambassador, representing Phillips Corporation India as a remarkable sales manager. His attention to detail, commitment to learning the product and customer’s needs, follow-through and positive approach enable Vishal to build significant relationships with his customers, win difficult orders, and maintain important accounts. Vishal’s determination to deliver the best product, knowledge and service to his customers is evidenced by his converting many accounts after two to three years of persistence. Before joining Phillips, Vishal’s machine tool background centered primarily on electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire cutting, and a basic knowledge of vertical machining centers. His commitment to and passion for learning, one of the key characteristics of a Brand Ambassador and the Phillips Culture, has meant success for Vishal. He quickly became an expert on the Haas product line, promoting Haas to a wide range of customers in his territory and began managing large, corporate customers by building relationships with their management teams and taking responsibility for their various locations. He also managed to convert a long time user of the Fanuc Robo drill to Haas DT1s. Rupesh Ranjan, Vishal’s Team Leader, says “He is a follower of our culture, partners are inspired by him and he is always in the Brand Ambassador, Vishal Kadamlearning mode, trying his level best to improve day by day.” Several partners note Vishal’s impressive communication skills as an important factor in his positive relationships with both partners and customers. Milind Bane, Assisstant Manager of Service, says “Vishal has very good marketing skills. He always talks politely with all customers as well as with our fellow partners. He has a very helping and kind nature… Vishal has a very skillful way of calming upset customers. He is a very good listener. He always communicates well with his team leader and higher management and improves on a continual basis.” Ashish Chikhale, Applications Senior Manager, adds, “Vishal has good communication skills; he is talkative and capable of understanding and providing solutions for each customers’ requirements. His customer approach is always positive. During the Haastec Exhibition, I observed that he is very confident in communicating with people. Somehow if he does not understand the customer’s needs, he never lies and always consults with seniors to find a positive approach so he can provide the customer with solutions. Vishal always believes in team work. Many times we have worked together with a positive approach.” When he’s not winning over new customers or taking care of existing customers, Vishal can be found spending time with his family and performing. He loves seeing new Bollywood movies, singing on stage, and can even be found performing in some Marathi television series and films.